When my sons were in junior high they had to write slam poems. One of my sons wrote about his struggle with having muscular dystrophy and not being able to play sports.  read more →

Six months ago my three daughters and I fled our home after one disclosed years of abuse that she had secreted away. We left behind a home, a $90,000 a year income, and everything but the clothes on our backs and a vehicle. We found ourselves in a shelter, 50 miles from home, with a bit of change, our only income for the foreseeable future.  read more →

Launched on 15 July 2016, it’s been an exciting time as Nourish Network finds its feet and place in the local community.

Nourish is a volunteer-based, holistic outreach program developed to educate, empower and support parents and guardians finding it difficult to provide for their families.

Working with local schools in the Yarra Ranges (outer east of Melbourne), families are selected based on circumstances and their willingness to participate and eventually give back to their community.

A member-only program, Nourish partners with SecondBite and local businesses and organizations to provide a weekly allocation of fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, recipes and nutritional information, wellbeing resources, friendship, and support.

As well as providing nourishment for their bodies, we also aim to help heal their souls by providing a place for respite where people can connect with others in similar situations and enjoy a variety of activities and therapies.

We used 2016 as a pilot year with a small group to gain insight into the social, emotional and financial struggles our members face so we are better able to provide for their needs. read more →

My 90-year-old mother was in rehab recovering after a fall. I knew she would never walk again as she had Alzheimer’s and I knew it was nearing her end. But she tried.

Her roommate was an ex-nun and was as stubborn as could be. I fell in love with her from day one. After we left the facility, we kept in touch. My mother died 3 months later. I had brought her home where she wanted to be. That was 2 years ago and I still call my friend the ex-nun weekly and go see her. read more →

To Those I Love,

A Letter from the Heart

If I cannot come to see you, or to see you if you come to see me, know that it’s not personal; it’s never you.

If I try and I fail, it is better to be happy for me that I tried than to be sad or frustrated that I failed. Every attempt, no matter how far I get, is a step I am taking back to you.

If I am able to reach you physically yet cannot meet your eyes, speak, stay or seem to be comfortable in your company, it’s not personal; it’s never you.

If I try and I fail to be there emotionally, please try to remember that it is because my demons are taking my attention away from you and making me uncomfortable.

If I seem selfish in my behaviour, it is because I am trying so hard not to be selfish. I am trying to find myself and reclaim my mind from my demons so that I can be there, in mind and body, for you.

If I become so uncomfortable to the point my behaviour screams that I want to get away, know that it’s not because of you. Sometimes I have to leave in order to redeem myself and to protect you from feeling uncomfortable or from worrying about me quite as much. Sometimes I have to say to myself, “I’ve done all I can for now. I will try again another day.” I will come back to you. If not that day, then another day. read more →

My 6 year old fell off the monkey bars as school and hurt her ear, losing the back of her earring.

I was called to school as she was very upset as she was hurt. I went to the sickbay to see four of her school friends all huddled around her comforting her, which brought a tear to my eye. I cuddled her and helped her to calm down with all the tears and pain of her little cut ear. Then I realized the back of her earring was missing. read more →

Create those blessings for others.
I’m a single mom to girls, I work 30 hours a week at the local university and attend graduate school there full time. My ex no longer pays child support and it made it hard for us to make ends meet.

I started to think about dropping out of grad school so I could work full time but a friend of mine told me that they wanted to support me by help us out once a month. read more →

No better exercise for the heart.
I teach newly arrived immigrant teenagers English as a Second Language. Many of these children come to me from countries where their living condition are horrible and life-threatening. Often, one of the parents comes to the US and works, sending home money so that smugglers can be paid to bring other family members here (usually one at a time). These children have risked life and limb to be reunited with their parents and often endure heartbreaking abuse and witness even worse on their journeys here. Yet, every day, I am greeted by their smiling faces as they embark upon this new phase of their life. read more →

2014010495133621-1There was a man who had cancer. His buddies had a motorcycle run to help him out by raising some money for him. They called it the Brotherhood of Love run.

He started to improve and the next year for July 4th he gathered up a few of us and asked if we thought we could do a fundraiser concert for another young man, a local high school student with leukemia, and help out him and his family the way he had been helped. We all agreed and put on a great fundraiser concert for this man and raised a few thousand dollars to help out.

That same summer my friends’ cancer had come back with a vengeance and he was gone by November. His dying wish was that we try to continue and try to keep the Brotherhood of Love crew together and keep helping our kids in our community. read more →

Be Kind to Yourself Quote.
Kindness in the dictionary is defined as a noun, I tend to disagree. I first remember becoming aware of the importance of kindness when I was a small child. I had a difficult childhood due to severe bullying in the home by an older family member. Being an old soul in a young body, I sentimentally found solace in old movies where it all seemed so simple and joyful. Black and whites were a favourite and Frank Capra’s, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ caught my special attention. Watching Jimmy Stewart’s character experience his world as if he had not been born, helped him to realise the impact his kindnesses had had on the people around him and how their world was so different and negative without him. read more →

Reach out.
After our daughter was killed in a car accident, a couple left a note at the site of the accident where a small memorial was created by her friends. Knowing we didn’t drive down that street, our daughter’s husband brought the note to us. The note expressed their concern for us and included their phone number to call any time. After calling, we discovered the couple had also lost their son in a car accident. We became friends and helped each other. – Ginny

My mom was killed in a car accident a few months ago. The out pouring of support my family received is something I still can’t believe. People I went to high school with, and have not talked to in over 20 years came to the services. Some driving hours from out of state. Just typing it gives me chills. – Amy