On my way to work each day, I cross a park where there is a homeless man that has become a fixture of that spot. He is always there with his “I am a homeless Vet” sign. read more →

We went down to the VA Hospital on Friday to hand out cards, letters, etc., and hang a banner from my daughter Lulu’s school. What an awesome experience! 

The Veterans were so grateful and happy to talk and share stories. I was really happy to see all of the things that had been sent over from schools, groups etc. I learned a lot of interesting things, one being about the POW•MIA table that is always set, and all of the things that are put on the table and why. read more →

My partner Scott said goodbye to our Manchester Terrier. We lost her to lymphoma – The Wick was her name, and she was our first baby. She really was perfect. Shortly afterwards, we finally became pregnant on our fifth and final IVF cycle.

Six months pregnant by September, friends offered us a place to stay for one week in San Maarten, an island in the Carribean. It would be our last vacation for a while. We weren’t into traveling without our baby after the birth – we had waited so long for this baby and knew we would be the sort of parents who couldn’t leave her with others while we vacationed. Like the Wick – where we went, she went. Where we go, baby would go. read more →

I was at the shelter this morning and a fairly old man comes to the gate with his fairly old dog. I am always expecting the worst, so was fully expecting him to just give me the dog and leave.

We manage to communicate slightly through the language barrier. He had had the dog since he was a puppy, found him on the streets, the dog is now 9 years old and the guy simply has NO money to feed himself let alone the dog. read more →

I know a very kind man. He works every day as a handyman and makes just enough money to survive. I’ve taken him grocery shopping and he buys food for his cats and dog and bird food for his bird feeders. When I asked him what he ate he said that he cooked for his aging dog and ate some of her food.

When his sweet dog needed surgery he took out a plan at the vet’s office to pay out of his meager salary for what she needed. He took her to work in his van and walked her frequently having rigged a harness to hold her up. By this time she had an eye removed and had a stroke leaving her unable to walk unaided. He told me that when she stopped eating and enjoying her food and walks that that was when he would make the decision to have her placed in God’s hands. He told me that he felt blessed in his life and lucky to be surrounded by such love. Truly a Buddha walking in our midst. – Rose

I worked in Orlando and during my lunch break I would walk. One day I met this homeless man who was a Vet and lost both of legs below the knee. Someone would give him a ride every day and he would sit in his wheelchair with an old white painter’s bucket with a few roses in it. He had the most genuine smile and would greet the passers by with a sunny hello but unfortunately most would not even acknowledge that he even existed. He was the bright spot of my afternoon walk and he would just beam when he saw me coming. Most days I would buy a rose but on days when I couldn’t, it didn’t matter, he just wanted human contact like all of us. Being considerate and kind does not cost you anything but it could brighten someone’s day. – Debbie

Anything is possibleWOW! I haven’t even begun this project, just planning with the smile stones and making them and already good things are happening to me. First a nice young man helped me with my garbage and shoveled the walk, whom I have never seen before.

I went to the vet on Thursday and she said “I just want you to know that I enjoy it when you come in, it’s such a pleasure. I don’t know why I want to tell you that but I feel like doing so. And I really enjoy taking care of your cats.”

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