My name is Allison Comba, I am 21 years old and I created The Flower Girls Foundation with my little sister Rebecca after realizing what a strong effect Alzheimer’s disease has on individuals and on everyone around them. Our grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for years now and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see. But, what makes our grandmother happy is… music. It was like she was a different person if she would hear Rebecca sing. We thought she no longer knew how to smile until we tried to make her. Entertaining her not only made her smile, it made us feel great too. This made us want to make other people smile too, just like we did with her, which is where “The Flower Girls Foundation” started.

I started to bring Rebecca and her best friend Alexa to entertain residents in nursing homes, with a special handmade card for every resident. We take dedicated time to listening to these residents, talking with them, we’ve played games of bingo with them and baked for them. The focus shifts from sickness to smiles with every excursion!!!!!

These 9-year-old girls have been best friends since the age of two as I have babysat them daily for the past 7 years. People have frequently told me that the relationship I’ve created with the girls over the years is inspiring, which makes me so happy. I feel blessed to have been their primary role model for so long and have realized how significant a positive role model truly is after seeing what beautiful and kind children they have come to be.

I am grateful for their participation in this and I hope to get other youth involved as this organization gets bigger. You know what they say, “The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world…. Are the ones who do!” 🙂

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved we’re in Long Island, New York. Please email for more information. – Allison

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