To the woman at the St Charles Aldi on 5th St. You are a true blessing!

I was checking out and my card got declined (so embarrassing!) and I told the worker I need to put a few things back and she wasn’t very happy about that. I apologized 5 more times. She then says “yeah that’s why I tell people not to shop on Sunday’s”. I was so upset, started crying because I cannot believe how RUDE people truly are.

The lady 2 people behind me says “I’ll pay for the rest” and the worker then says RUDELY “I can’t do anything anyways until a manager comes with a key”. I then was able to get the few things that did accept on my card and went over to load my box.

As I was walking out the door in tears (because I’m so hurt by how rude and careless this world truly is) that same lady that offered to pay for my few things comes over places a bag in my hand, hugs me oh so tight and says “Shhhh, (gave me a kiss on the cheek). Love you, God bless you”. My heart at that very moment was so full! That goes right back to me saying… You never know what anyone is going through… CHOOSE KINDNESS!!!

You were my Angel today and I’ll never forget this moment and I’ll always continue to pay it forward and love on others.Β πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

P.S. Today is my daughter’s sweet 16 and I was getting some things for her and I already was upset because I couldn’t do much for her. Thank you, thank you for loving on me at that moment. – Melissa Ffister, The Aldi Nerd Community

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