You would have thought I’d sent them hundreds!

Since joining this group my mind has been working on ways to be kind to people. And I am finding that thoughts have been coming to my head that seem small, but end up being huge to others. For example, some friends gave me a gift certificate to the grocery store for Christmas. It was very casually mentioned that maybe I can by some food and litter for my 5 cats, but anything I wanted would be fine for them. When they mentioned buying for my cats I had a feeling that they really wanted me to spend the certificate for that. So I did. Then I bought a blank card with a really cute kitten on it. Inside the card, as if the cats were talking to them and not me, I stated that they thanked them for the Christmas present of food and litter. I put, “We just want to thank you so much for the food and cat litter. It was our favorite food and we also had money left over for some treats. We love you both very much!” And I put all their names on the card and even put the return address on the envelope as their names. I put the receipt in the card to show that I did indeed buy the items with the card.

Well, when my friends received that card they were so happy. My friend called me up and acted like I had sent her 100’s of dollars. She thought it was the greatest thing that I had sent a card from the cats thanking them. Needless to say they are huge cat lovers to begin with so this was such a thrill for them. And when I first got the idea I thought it would be kind of lame and that they would think that too. But I am glad I followed up on that thought because it made me really happy that they were really happy. – Cindy 🙂

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