He truly humbled me

We’re having a particularly lean and difficult Christmas this year. With hardly any money in our account, last night my card declined on my small bag of groceries at my local supermarket. I removed an item. I tried another card, but still no good. My order was put on hold while I went to the car and scrounged every coin I could. Still, it was not enough. I removed another item, but it was still more than I had and I was feeling so embarrassed and frazzled but desperately trying to look calm. The order was put on hold once again as I went back to the car to zip home and find a little more cash.

As I was standing at my car about to hop in, a voice behind me in the car park said, “Excuse me, I’ve just paid for your groceries. Go in and get them and consider it an early Christmas gift”. I hugged this stranger and cried.

This young man, only in his 20’s I’d say, just did the most selfless, beautiful, caring thing. I should have taken his number so I could pay him back, but I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even think of it! Instead, I promise with everything in me that I will pay it forward as soon as I am able.

This young man has truly humbled me and I wish him every happiness in the world.

May we all be able to help others as he did me. – Libby

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