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  • Ripple Kindness Cards for Children

    Ripple Kindness Cards for Children aged 6-10


    Ripple Kindness Cards are used by kids at home and schools to encourage acts of kindness that show caring and compassion towards others.

    Using our cute little โ€œpay it forwardโ€ style cards empower kids to actively participate in acts of kindness and to consider the impact a thoughtful gesture can have on someone else.

    When children do something kind for someone and experience those feel-good emotions, it’s quite addictive. Giving a kindness card with their good deed reminds the person receiving it to also be kind to someone. The new holder of the card goes on to give their own act of kindness, passing the card along to the next person to expand the original gesture of goodwill. As more cards start to circulate, the impact can be quite profound.ย 

    Here is an example of my own experience with our adult kindness cards.

    One of the ladies in the office at my son’s school received a kindness card from a student. She went home and did something nice for her sister, passing the card along. Her sister wanted to let her butcher know that she appreciated him, so took him a small gift and left him a card. The butcher gave a customer some free meat with their order and popped the card inside the bag. We then lost track of where it went from there but about a month later, I received a phone call from the lady at the office who was so excited to tell me that she’d received a Ripple Kindness Card. Who knows if it was the same card or a different one, but the point of the story is to demonstrate how the cards travel and how many times it made a difference to someone’s life!

    Read more about how to use our kindness cards below.