Getting More Involved


Environmental Birthday Party

Why not have a different type of party this year? Invite your friends down to the local park and organize a heap of fun games that help the environment. Instead of asking for gifts, ask them to bring along a flower or shrub and some gardening gloves. Choose a spot that needs a clean up and put your plants in. You can have prizes for who can collect the most rubbish afterwards and then have a picnic. A great way to do something kind for the environment and all the people who enjoy the park!

Pay It Forward Party

Kids have a lot of stuff and often find it difficult to think of what they’d like as a gift.
To me, that means they don’t really need anything else, so instead of getting a whole lot of gifts you don’t really need,
ask for a donation to your favourite charity.

You’ll need to organize this one with your parents first, and it’s probably best just to have a small group. Get some kindness cards and ask people to bring along the money they would have spent on your gift. Word up your friends and organize a list of kind things you can do for people in the community. Ask your parents to take you to the local shopping centre / mall where you’ll be able to find lots of people that will appreciate your kindness. Here are some ideas of how you can make people smile.
 Buy some flowers or a big box of chocolates and share one with each person
who walks past, wishing them a nice day.
 Go into a coffee shop and leave some money and some kindness cards for
the next few people to have a free coffee.
 Feed parking meters that are about to expire if you’re on the street.
 If it’s near Christmas, select a gift for a “wishing tree” or charity.
 Buy a small gift for each of your teachers or a parent to thank them for everything they do.
 Share flowers with some elderly people you see sitting around.
 Give people compliments.


Make and Send Cards to People

Getting a home made card always brightens someone’s day! Give one to your teacher, parents, friends, neighbours or perhaps even someone you don’t know. There are also lots of people around the world who don’t have family or might be sick and lonely. You can take your cards to your local hospital or nursing home or find someone to send a card to overseas here:

 The Forgotten Ones : International Card Exchange for the Elderly
They collect addresses of places from all over the world where you may send cards,
letters, photographs, post cards or small gifts to the lonely and forgotten elderly.

Send a Message or Parcel to the Troops

Australians are encouraged to send goodwill messages of a general nature to Australian
Defence Force soldiers, sailors, airmen and women who are on operation around the world.

Messages can be sent via e-mail to:
Alternatively postcards (not enveloped letters or parcels) can be addressed to:
Messages to the Troops, Department of Defence, R8-LG-024, Russell Offices, Canberra ACT 2600.

 Australia Post provides free delivery of care packages up to 2kg to serving Australian Defence Force personnel throughout the world. Parcels can be sent to any serving Australian, whether soldier, sailor, airman or airwoman or even to the explosive detection dogs. Click here for guidelines and addresses.

 For US troops, please click here for more information.

Thank Your Community Helpers or a Charity

There are many people in our communities that help to keep us safe and happy, or support those in need. It’s not often they get a “thank you” for their efforts, so could you imagine how grateful they’d be if you went to visit your local fire or police station, hospital or charity with a plate full of home made biscuits or cake and a big smile!

For the Love of Animals

Animals are such wonderful loyal companions but there are lots without a home.
If your family is considering getting a pet, please check your local shelter to give an animal a second chance at life.
If you already have pets, but would love to help out, shelters are always in need of volunteer to care for the residents.
This can be a wonderful thing to do as a family.

Entertain the Elderly

Collect unwanted books, magazines, games and DVD’s and take them to your local aged care facility.
If you have a special talent, you might like to show off your skills by putting on a show. Perhaps there’s someone there who’d like to play chess with you. The elderly have all sorts of talents and stories to tell, so it’s a great chance to make a new friend.

Think You’re Too Young?

It really doesn’t matter how young or old you are, everyone can do something to help someone else.
Check out what Phoebe did to make a difference!

Try Something Bigger

If you’re really getting into kindness, you might like to check out these great websites
for ideas of what you can do to make a difference in the world!
But before you join anything, make sure you ask your parents first!

The Great Kindness Challenge


The Great Kindness Challenge – Global Edition is one day devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible, choosing from a checklist of 50 suggestions which can be downloaded from the website.

Help us rock the world with kindness and reach millions of participants around the world! Take the Challenge! You can do it by yourself, with your friends or even with a large group.
It’s easy…and it’s so much fun!!!

Love For The Elderly

Love for the elderly logo

Love For The Elderly was started by
a teenage boy who was concerned about the number of elderly people who are lonely.
His organization collects letters of kindness and distributes them to elderly citizens. You can write your own letters and mail them to Jacob for distribution or submit it online.

Perhaps you could inspire the kids in your grade to write letters and deliver them to the elderly in your local area.

World’s Greatest Shave

World’s Greatest Shave raises funds for the Leukaemia Foundation’s important work helping people in Australia suffering from the disease.

Since 1998, over a million people have shaved or coloured their hair, raising more than of $120 million.

In 2012 my son and three of his school friends joined the challenge raising over $6,600.

School Aid


School Aid help kids all over Australia to hold events and raise money for important projects helping other kids affected by poverty, disaster and disease, live a better life.

You also have the chance to learn about other great projects being undertaken by schools throughout Australia and find out more about the lives of kids in many different countries and cultures.

Balls Go Round

Ballslogo2Balls-Go-Round is dedicated to collecting, recycling & reusing recreational balls in order to help needy organizations and youth programs throughout the U.S.

Over 50,000 metric tons of recreational balls are dumped into the earth annually. Balls-Go-Round aggressively collect & distribute all types of balls with the sole purpose of GOING GREEN for replay or reuse.

Act Wild


Act Wild is a website, m-site and mobile app providing opportunities to take simple real world actions that benefit wildlife. Your everyday actions impact the wild. There’s information about wild life, zoo feeds and events, and you can even get your school involved.

Will you Act Wild and make a difference?

Kids Helping Kids


Kids Helping Kids is an initiative that encourages young healthy kids to get involved and raise money for seriously ill and disadvantaged children and their families who need help through difficult times.

It’s as easy as raising $25 a month for one year – but the difference this makes to the family of a seriously ill child is remarkable.

Back to School Day


Back 2 School Day is The Smith Family’s national fundraising event, and a fun and simple way for your school to help Aussie kids in need create better futures for themselves through education.

Kids can help by getting their school involved in creating a fun whole school event. Check out the website for ideas of how to get started.

Future Sparks


Future Sparks is a fun and empowering look at climate and a future with clean energy, aimed at
8 to 13 year olds.

They inspire kids to get involved and want to hear about your idea about how to save the environment. There are blogs, lesson plans, competitions and things to inspire you to think outside the square!

Jilly Bear’s Jewels


If you like crafts, then this online store might be just the place for you.
Jillybear’s Jewels is a community of creative Australian children learning to make a difference and support a cause at an early age.

Children on this site create items to sell for the charity of their choice.

Earth Rangers


Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring children to Bring Back the Wild™. The focus is to communicate to children a positive science–based message on the importance of protecting biodiversity and adopting more sustainable behaviours.

Become an Earth Ranger!

Kids are Heroes


Kids Are Heroes® empowers, encourages and inspires children to become leaders through volunteering and community involvement. They showcase and support children who are making a difference through their selfless acts of giving.

They teach children to follow their passions at an early age. Visit the website to see how kids are making a huge impact, and to see how YOU can become a hero.

Pennies of Time


Get some great ideas and read stories of kindness from kids and adults around the world.

It might inspire you to do something
of your own.

Go check it out here!

Calista Cares


Calista started helping to raise money for the Special Olympics and Make-A-Wish when she was 7 years old. She became involved with Make-A-Wish when her brother, a Special Olympics athlete was granted a wish.

During her years of fundraising, she has raised over $35,000.

Take a look at how this ordinary girl makes a difference.