How You Can Make a Difference


Making a difference doesn’t mean doing something that’s going to change the world. You can do things that make a difference to yourself,  your family and friends, your community and even a stranger (ask permission from an adult though). It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, the point is that you’re making an effort to make someone’s life a little better and to make people happy. The best thing you can do for people is be kind because when you’re kind, it makes you happy and it shows! Your happiness makes other people happy too.

So if you’re ready to get started, read on…

Start With Something Small

There are so many things you can do. You might have your own, but here are some ideas to start you off!


One of the easiest ways to be kind is to smile at people! Try it out next time your walking down the street. You might even like to say hello too just to see how people react. I bet you’ll get lots of smiles in return because your smile can brighten anyone’s day!


 Get some of our FREE Kindness Cards and start spreading some happiness. The idea is to do something nice for someone and give them a Kindness Card to remind them to do something nice for someone else and then they’ll pass on the card with their act of kindness and before you know it, you’ve created your own ripple of kindness! Want some ideas of what you can do?

HERE are some things other’s have done.



Most parents are really busy people and it might seem like they don’t have must time to spend with you. The problem parents’ face is that there’s always so much to be done around the house, and it’s not that they don’t want to spend time with you, but by the time they finish everything, it’s probably time for you to go to bed.

SO, here’s how you can help fix that and make your family really happy at the same time! Simply being nice to your brother or sister and helping out where you can is something that will make the world of difference to the people in your family. The more you’re able to help, you know like picking up your clothes, helping with the dishes, feeding the pets etc, the less time your parents have to spend doing it. And if your parents don’t have to ask you to do any of these things, they’ll be less frustrated and have more time to spend with you AND they won’t be yelling at you as much to do your chores. And here’s the really great thing… Your home will become a really nice, calm place to be!

What can you do at home?

Again, take a look at the ideas other kids have had but more importantly, think about what your parents are always nagging you about and just do them without them having to ask. Take notice of the jobs they do and see if you are able to help with some for them. Sometimes there are some really great opportunities to spend time with your family by helping out with jobs,
and it might actually be fun!

Here are some other ideas: 

 help with the dishes  put out the rubbish  rake up leaves in the yard mow the lawn  make your bed
 clear the table  empty the dishwasher  learn how to use the washing machine  hang the washing  put the groceries away
 do the dusting  fold the clean clothes  wash the car  water the garden  walk the dog  make a cup of tea or coffee
 make someone else’s bed  change the toilet roll when it’s empty  hang up your towel after a shower  cook dinner
 do some weeding  put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket  wipe down the sink in your bathroom  collect the mail
 keep your room tidy  turn the lights and TV off when not being used  change your pets water ☺ sweep or vacuum the floor



Teachers are a bit like parents. They have a lot to do and heaps of kids to look after. Imagine what a big job it would be to make sure your 20 – 30 kids all have what they need, understand the work and are happy! Now imagine you have 5 or 10 kids that think being disruptive is funny. Would you cope with people being rude, laughing and joking, calling out, picking on others, and refusing to do their work etc? So perhaps you can imagine why some teachers might have to yell or are sometimes a bit grumpy!

What we talked about before with your parents, applies at school too. If you want your teacher and friends to be happy and kind, then you can help make that happen. Making it easier for everyone in your classroom, makes your life easier and happier too!

All of these things help make your classroom a happier place to be:

 always listen and do what is asked  if other people are talking, remind them to pay attention  always do your best
 be helpful to your teacher  help tidy the classroom run errands for your teacher  be on time with your homework
 show respect by putting up your hand and waiting your turn  be kind to everyone  be on time to school  clear your table
 be considerate of other people’s feelings  don’t talk behind someone’s back



I’m sure you’ve seen someone who’s been picked on or bullied, or perhaps you’ve felt it yourself.
It’s never nice when others gang up or call people names.
Kids who are mean think they’re pretty cool, but IT’S NOT COOL AND IT’S NOT FAIR!
What they’re doing is taking their frustrations out on someone else. Kids are usually mean because they need attention and they gather followers who also feel the same way.
Many times these kids have trouble understanding their school work or aren’t cared for properly at home and feel that no-one understands or cares for them. They aren’t happy and feel bad about themselves, and think that making someone else feel bad too is going to make them feel better, but the truth is that it doesn’t!

So how does being kind help when people are being mean? When you’re a kind person, you have a full bucket.
In other words you feel good about yourself because being kind to others makes you feel great. So the nicer and more helpful you are, the better you make others feel and the more they’ll like you. When you feel this good about yourself, it’s much easier to ignore the silly things other people do and not take them to heart or let them make you feel bad. Always remember if someone’s being mean to you, don’t take it personally. Often kids act like this because they’re unhappy or jealous, and secretly wish they were like the person they are being mean to.

These things help make the playground a happier place to be:

 help someone if they’ve hurt themselves  return a ball if it comes your way  open the door for someone
 talk to people you normally wouldn’t  pick up rubbish that’s lying around  smile at people
 include people in your games  if someone’s sad, try to cheer them up  help someone make new friends
 be nice to people who are new to the school  share your things  talk to someone who looks lonely
 stick up for people who are being picked on  give a compliment  share you lunch with someone who has no food

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