It brought so much joy!

Some weeks ago, our friend was chatting with us and mentioned out of the blue that she loves the tacos from a certain fast food restaurant near her. Almost immediately, I knew I wanted to surprise her with them at some point. I get super impatient when I have to wait to surprise someone, but somehow I managed.

The night finally came and I tried to figure out what would be the best way to present them to her (I wasn’t too jazzed about just handing her the bag, as I wanted it to be an even bigger surprise).

Susis-TacosAs I was working on wrapping paper for another project, I decided to try doing that for her. I tore the bag, turned it upside down so she couldn’t see the label and put 2 tacos per little package (giving her 2 gifts to open). One had hearts, the other, happy faces.

She got in the car and I handed her the gifts expecting her to open them, but she assumed they were cookies (which I didn’t deny because I wanted her to be surprised). I was a little bummed but waited for mom’s phone to go off with some acknowledgment of them. (We don’t do things for credit, but I was anticipating her excitement).

At some point we worried they would spoil, so mom messaged a reminder without revealing what it was. A few minutes later, we got what we were hoping for! She was beyond excited and said it was like Christmas! Finally, she could smell the tacos through the paper but told herself they couldn’t be them! When she realized indeed that they were, she tore off the paper really fast and ate them quickly, enjoying them immensely!

The next day, on the ride home, she recalled basically the whole thing. I share that mostly because her reactions brought such joy, as did the fact that we were able to do it. – Susi 😀

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