Cocoa at Happy’s

On a busy morning, I was driving my daughter to school. She was running late (making everyone else late). We had just dropped her sister off at school and she convinced me she needed some cocoa to stay warm at school.

I stopped at the local stand and ordered a 20oz cocoa with flavors in it. Her school is the next parking lot, so we didn’t have far to go. By the time she was getting out of my car ALL 20oz were ALL OVER the floor of my car. I knew my daughter expected me to explode and she really wanted the cocoa. I’m not going to lie… I did freak out… NOTHING smells worse than spilt milk in a car, but I took her back to the stand to buy another cocoa.

The lady in the stand asked if something was wrong with the cocoa since we were back so fast. I told her although the floor of my car had enjoyed it, my daughter had not. She put extra whipped cream on top and told us it was on the house and to have a better day.

The stand is called “Happy’s”, and they sure live up to their name! – Deanna 

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