Walking in the rain

Guard Well Within Yourself That Treasure Kindness

Today I was out and about and noticed a woman and her daughter walking in the rain. The woman was carrying a few bags of shopping so I did a u-turn and asked if they would like a lift. The woman was hesitant but accepted my offer and put her young daughter in the back seat before getting settled in the front seat. I asked where she was going and it was not far to drive but 2km in the rain would have meant they’d be drenched by the time they reached home.

I’m glad I turned around and was able to help them. As the young girl got in the car she asked her mum “Do you know this lady?” I think her mum will have some explaining to do as I’m sure she has told her daughter that she must NEVER get in a car with a stranger. Perhaps I have a kind face. – Sue

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