Kindness from The Little Fish

Hearts.In the classroom of the Little Fish (2 years old) of Colégio Oceanus, this year we live in an atmosphere of Kindness. Bearing in mind the idea that the first years of life are essential in the development of the personality and in the internalization of values, this year we started a project in which children are encouraged to be kind, friendly, generous, and are valued, praised for these attitudes.

We started with the story “Have you filled your bucket today?” and, after the construction of the anthem, Kindness became a natural thing, inherent in everyday life. In the room, there is a Kindness tree, whose branches are filled with a heart-shaped leaf for every act of kindness. We also have the buckets, which are filled up according to good attitudes.


Bucket Filling

Throughout the first quarter, the Little Fish participated in solidarity initiatives (food gatherings), surprising friends from other rooms, parents, etc…. It is important to mention that families are truly involved, in constant collaboration and articulation with what happens in the classroom.


Kindness TreeKindness Tree 2


We feel, at this moment, that the Little Fish are genuinely and naturally kind, without expecting a reward. It is wonderful to observe their behaviour, especially when they play at will. At two years of age, it is difficult to share and respect each other’s time and space, but it has been much easier with this project. It is important to reflect on the importance of these values and to provide children this small with these experiences, even if it seems complicated!

The Little Fish continue their pathway through Kindness, preparing many surprises for the next few days. – Andreia

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