My 55 Random Acts of Kindness

Pay An Act Of Kindness Forward.
Tomorrow I turn 55 but I have already given myself the best gift … I accomplished my goal of doing 55 Random Acts of Kindness in the 55 days before my 55th birthday! It was such fun and I really enjoyed seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

I am on a pension so I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things I wanted but I did achieve a lot.

Some of the things I did were baked a cake for a neighbour, gave a taxi driver a bigger than usual tip, gave another neighbour some preserves, let people go ahead of me in queues a few times, gave a man in the supermarket who was obviously doing it very tough some money to buy food for his cat, put out all the rubbish bins for the whole block of flats, gave a couple of different friends electrical appliances I wasn’t going to use any more, smiled at children in shops, complimented a lady on her sweater, engaged an elderly man in conversation about his dog, took treats to cats in a shelter, gave a friend a movie pass I had won so she could have a “date night” with her husband, held doors open for people … and lots of other things! It is such a wonderful feeling to put a smile on someone’s face! – Caryn

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