Airline snacks

Be Someone Who Helps Others.

My daughter was 13. We were on holiday in Santa Monica and were out shopping. There was an airline giving away snacks they serve with drinks as a gimmick. I saw she’d collected loads in her bag. As we walked back to the parking lot she handed them to the homeless people on the benches.

One chap was sitting on the street reading a very thick book. She asked if she could speak to him, he was in his early 20’s, ex-military, finished film school with no job, nowhere to live. Really interesting guy. His mate turned up and I took both for a meal. We spoke for ages, one guy was into acrobatics and my son videoed him doing a trick that he added to his music video that year. They now both have jobs and we are still in contact!

Believe… in the wonder of life and through the eyes of our children. This young man was brought up well. Good on his parents! He’ll go far. – Laura 💕

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