Filling a mom’s heart

I wanted to share an amazing experience we had in the past week.

My daughter attends a small private Lutheran Elementary School in Fort Wayne, IN. Last week, my daughter injured her heel and could not walk on it. After X-rays and a Dr visit, we arrived at school Tuesday morning in a wheelchair. For this small school community, to my knowledge, this was a new experience for the staff and students.

I had many worries that day as a mom dropping her off. Would she be made fun of? Would she be included? How would this new, temporary challenge affect her?

From the moment we entered school, we were met with love, care, concern and support! For something so new and different, the entire student body responded with care, love, support and inclusion. They played with her at recess in the area where she could be in her wheelchair. The school administration and staff handled the new challenge seamlessly. They worked together to ensure safety in the schoolΒ while balancing and encouraging my daughter’s independence.

Not one comment pointing out her difference. No one left her out because she couldn’t run, jump or play in the usual way. Students gathered around her, asking if she was ok, asking what they could do to help.

I will forever love this special school family. I think they live their mission and I wanted people to know that an entire school was so kind to a little girl having a few tough weeks.

My heart is with those that live in a wheelchair or face other challenges and their parents as well, as our experience is light and temporary, and yet I caught a glimpse of some of the concerns they must share.

So here’s to Emmaus Lutheran School in Fort Wayne, Indiana for rippling kindness and filling this mom’s heart. – Laura

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