I felt so loved

I work an hour from home and one day on my lunch break, my car decided to make a crazyyyy noice… a loud, screeching sound. Panicked, what was I to do, I call my husband of course. I knew he could fix this problem if I let him hear it over the phone LMAOO…. I guess I sounded nervous of the thought that I would have to drive home for an hour with intermittent cell service and if I break down, what was I going to do.

With all that said, my wonderful husband came down to my job an hour away, leaving his job along with his co-worker in tow to hear this awful noise. Of course, he didn’t hear it, nor did his buddy. BUT he took my car home to the service station and left me his car so I can get home safe without any worry. I am sure you can imagine how loved I felt at that moment. And of course, there was nothing wrong with my car….LOL, but just the fact that my husband took the time out of his work day to help me was so kind. – Melissa

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