It reminds me of my mom

Meme: Kindness Is A Bridge Between All People And So If You'Re Ever Down And You Want To Lift Yourself Up, Go Do Something Kind For Somebody.

I went to the grocery store today and an older lady was walking with what may have been her elderly mother who was shuffling along. I scooted in real quick and got a shopping cart for her to lean on. The younger lady asked if that cart wasn’t for me. I assured her it was for HER. I went back to get a cart for myself and three people stopped and told me what a nice thing that was to do. I wanted to say “you could have done the same thing” but I didn’t. I just said that it always reminds me of my mom and I’d have wanted someone to do that for her.

On my way back to the car a lady was unloading and had a small child and I waited and returned her cart. I picked up on her looking at the cart return area, her child and the other cars around.

I’m not sure why these carts are my way to help so many times. – Kim

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