She looked amazed, confused and hesitant

Someone Else'S Shoes.
One night while dining out with my husband at “Red Lobster”, a young couple was trying to have dinner with their newborn baby.

The baby was fussy, so the new mother was standing near their table with her baby on her shoulder trying to steal bites of her food while comforting her newborn. 

She looked a little flustered and we were only a few booths away, so I got up and offered to hold and comfort her baby so she could enjoy the rest of her meal (we had just ordered ours).

She looked amazed, confused and hesitant. I explained that I was only a few booths away and it would be my pleasure. She looked at her husband who nodded with his approval and smiled and handed me her beautiful lil girl. The young mom and dad finished their meal and dessert and walked over to our table and thanked us for being so kind and left with their bundle of joy. A simple gesture of kindness it was. – Karen 🙂

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