Merry Christmas to the homeless

Support The Less Fortunate.
When I used to live in Perth, Australia. There are a lot of homeless persons there due to the imbalance of riches.

At Christmas, I would make a huge gluten-free Christmas cake, slice it into about 20 decent size slices and wrap them in gold paper and ribbons and hand them out on Christmas day. I gave some to a man who used to be a professor of science but lost his job from alcoholism.

He was a very proud and highly intelligent man, but had suffered a stroke which left him with a dribble. He really wanted to take me for a cup of tea at a cafe, but I didn’t want him spending his meagre funds on me and declined. He was so insulted, but we sat and chatted for hours on a bench seat instead.

The disgusting looks I got from wealthy passer’s by was atrocious. I would smile at them and wish them a Merry Christmas. He was worth 10 of them, yet they judged him purely on aesthetics.

Merry Christmas to the Homeless of the world. – Barbara 🙂

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