My Happy Cards!

HappycardsMy daughter has have Down Syndrome and I’m trying to get her to understand the little things that we can to make smiles in this world. So we taped some candy to our Ripple Kindness Cards. She has a special purse that she calls her Happy Purse that she carries with her ‘Happy Cards”.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. A man came by and said good morning ladies. We said hello. I told her it would be nice to give him one of her cards. Well, he had already gone down the aisle we were in so she had to hunt him down. I waited in the same aisle but could hear him tell her thank you, it was very kind, but he couldn’t have sugar.

She came back with her head down, holding the card and was very upset. She didn’t understand why he didn’t take it. I told her that she tried and that she made him smile and that was good. But she was still upset. We walked a bit and then she perked up, took off the candy and said I give it to him now? I told her she could try. So she did and he accepted it, and it made her smile. 🙂 Pretty proud of her figuring it out herself.

A couple aisles over, was pretty crowded and as she made her way through she kept saying excuse me. One woman stopped and said what a beautiful young woman she was and what nice manners she had and then walked on. This made my daughter smile and I said, what could you do to make her smile? So she got another “Happy Card” and followed the woman down the aisle. I could see her tap the woman’s shoulder and give her the card. The woman was so surprised, said thank you, you just made my day and hugged her. My daughter came back with the biggest smile. I think she’s getting the hang of it. :))) – Sue

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