I have been visiting my mom in the state I used to live in…Texas!

I took her to brunch a couple of days ago and we had the sweetest waitress. We ordered some specialty lattes and some crepes. At one point, the waitress said we were the nicest people she had waited on that day. Anyhow, she did a great job of spoiling us and even asked if we wanted refills on our lattes just before we left.

When it came time to pay, I wrote her a note at the top of the receipt and thanked her for her stellar service, wished her a Merry Christmas and left her a $20 tip. I love blessing people who #1, don’t even know me and #2 who may just need a blessing for the day. (Yes, it was $20, but it was also $20 that doesn’t need to be spent on me). I didn’t see her reaction when she saw the tip, but my heart sure did smile as we left the little restaurant. – Anon

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