One of the best ones I’ve pulled off!

I was in the grocery store the other day and there is a big brand coffee shop you have to walk by to get to the store. As I was walking past, I heard a lady saying her mother was ill and she wanted to take her a treat. She was counting coins to get to her $5.14 total.

As I was passing, I was pulled back by that “feeling” I get sometimes. Both the cashier and the lady had their heads down counting coins and I opened my wallet and there was a $5 bill, so I just put it on the counter and walked away. I heard the cashier say, well, here is $5 and the lady responded that all she had were coins and no paper money but the cashier said well, it’s here so all you need is fourteen cents.

I was never seen! One of the best ones I’ve pulled off and gotten to enjoy. – Kim  😉

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