Played a song… saved a life!

In 1981, I was a part time DJ at a country music station on graveyard shift. We had restrictions on how often we could play older songs. They were labeled with dates.

One night a lady called in requesting a Conway Twitty song. There was something in her voice, but I told her sure, let me look for it.

In between songs I found it but it was not supposed to be played again for several days, so I put it back. Later she called again and I explained it to her, but again there was something about her voice. She almost begged me to play it for her and her male friend at a local motel. I told her I would see.

I thought about it and figured what the hell, so I played it. She called me back and thanked me.

The next day, the paper reported that her male friend had committed suicide. I’ve always believed that playing that song might have stopped her from doing it too and saved her life. At least I like to think it did. – James

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