She needed it at that moment

I watched a woman in line ahead of me one day go into sheer panic because she couldn’t find her credit card. I looked around and saw people getting annoyed and the cashier suspended her sale so she could take other customers.

I motioned for the cashier to put her tab on mine and paid for it. The cashier was saying, “she’s getting cigarettes, you don’t want to pay for those right?”, but I motioned to put it all in anyway. The poor woman was blind with panic and didn’t see me pay, which is what I was hoping for, but the cashier said, “you’re good, this man paid for everything.” At first she thought I found her card, but I said, “no, I didn’t find it, but I want you to stop worrying about it and take your time looking! I’m sure you’ll find it now that you can relax.”

She began crying and hugging me and wondering why I did that. I told her just think of me as a friend and to try to have a better day than she had been having. I wished it could’ve been anonymous, but it made me feel good to help someone I knew really needed it at that moment. – Sean Homsher


99 Ways To Be Kind“Do we live in a friendly, or an unfriendly universe? No less a mind than Albert Einstein once said, this is the most important question we can ask ourselves as human beings.
99 Ways To Be Kind, describes 99 different things you can do to make your world a friendlier place. Whether at home or in the car, for yourself, your family, or the planet you live on, here are 99 acts you can now attach meaning and significance to, which will help you feel better and live healthier, all while becoming aware of the multiple opportunities and environments there are to display kindness, and the positive impact that small actions can have nourishing the world’s collective soul.

Saints of all faiths and artists who feel the creative flow of the universe have always known how to do this, but now its time for you and I to become more aware and practice “Random Acts Of Kindness And Senseless Acts Of Beauty,” to make the universe we live in a truly friendly place.”

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