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I helped a lady find her car in the shopping center car park. She was walking around and I could see she was looking for something/someone so I asked her. “What are you looking for?” She says to me: “I have lost my car, I can’t find it. I thought it was around here somewhere.” So I asked her what sort of car is it? “Black, a big 4 wheel drive, Honda” she replies.

I told her to jump in and I would drive her around till she spots her car. As we’re looking, she sees her husband looking for her and says to me, “There’s my husband, I’ll be alright. I’ll find it.”

So, she goes off to her husband. I then decide to drive around the car park to take a look and I spot 4 black 4wheel drives. Then I spot a Honda, black 4 wheel drive so I took the number plate and went looking for her. I found her and her husband at the other end of the car park still trying to find their car. I drove up to them and told them I found a black Honda with the number plate ******. She says, “that’s my car! Where is it?”

I told her it was where she was originally looking and told them to jump into my car and I would drive them but they said they were happy to walk.
So, I drove at half snail pace and waited at each car park lane while they caught up to me. They kept watching me and I kept driving until I led them up to their car.

They were ever so grateful and I felt great that I could help out! – Stacey

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