My son the kind skateboarder

My son is a skateboarder. He is 11 and has been competing locally for the last few years.

During a competition 3 years ago, he was skating against 3 other beginner skaters, one of which was a little girl about his age. Since the little ones don’t know a whole lot of tricks, they had them race twice around the park and the winner had points added to their score. My son was racing the little girl who fell behind, started crying and just sat on her board. My son stopped, went back to where she was sitting, and talked her into finishing the race with him… the race was a tie.

We saw her yesterday at a skate competition in a neighboring town, and I saw them chatting and smiling. My son reminded me of the first time they met. And he said that she told him she remembered that race. They both did their best this year… and she beat him, and he was perfectly OK with that. – Deanna 🙂

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