I am thankful every day!

Enrich Lives By Giving.
Years ago while driving across Canada on my way to British Columbia, I must have dozed off as I’d closed my eyes and went into the ditch. I did not crash, I just went over the embankment, into the gully and was driving
straight. It was a HUGE surprise when my eyes opened to find that I was not on the road, but in the ditch.

With my life in this little car and no idea where I was, I attempt to drive out of the gully. No success, no phone, no idea! The car sitting stuck in the soft shoulder almost on its side, I successfully climbed out and stood at the side of the road.

It was not more than a few minutes and this woman in a Jeep pulled over. If she had her winch on, she would have pulled me out. Rather this wonderful lady drove me back to the closest town, found a garage who called a tow truck in.

She stayed with me while we waited for the tow truck so I was not alone with these strange men. She brought me back to my car, with tow truck behind. I could not stop thanking her.

The tow truck hooked me up and I was out in no time and without damage. I paid the driver and went to thank the lady and give her compensation, but she was gone! Vanished, never even saw her leave. For a young 17 year old so far from home and with no idea where I was, this act of kindness will stay with me forever and always, always be a special memory that I am thankful for every day. – Annette

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