The World Is a Beautiful Place

When we asked people what made their world a wonderful place, we were delighted by some heartwarming responses. Enjoy…

A local butcher brought me a huge gift basket of different types of meat, spice rub, etc. It had to be valued at $100, but he just dropped it off yesterday for my family telling me that he appreciated all my hard work and he just wanted to thank me! Made me feel good! Nice guy! – Michelle 😀

My family learned that an orphanage in Sudan (which we had some community connection to) was having serious financial issues. My girls decided they wanted to help raise money for the children’s home by creating and decorating necklaces to sell to our family, friends, and neighbors. We charged $8 for each necklace, and my girls helped in everything from squeezing the hotglue into the molds, painting the flowers, glittering them, and choosing their matching cord. My husband and I agreed to match all the money they earned. We were able to send a check for $1,700 to the organization. – Destiny 😻

As a Girl Scout leader to very bright girls I love when they see one of their fellow scouts walk in a room and just know that love needs to be shared. They literally get up without prompting and share hugs to make sure all it well before sitting back down and rejoining our meeting. Things like that make it all worth it. – Angela  😛

Last week a woman on my town’s freecycle page posted that she was a teacher looking for used items for her classroom. Something about her post tugged on my heart, and me and my kids went out to Michael’s and bought her a bunch of new stuff for her classroom collection. We dropped it off all wrapped up on her door with a note that said “thank you for being a teacher and touching the lives of so many kids”. She was very grateful, of course, but it totally made me and my kids’ day too! – Destiny 👍 

At the beginning of summer my daughter decided to do an intentional act of kindness to strangers at a park. She made up gift baskets in a sand toy bucket with chalk, jump ropes, and bubbles and gave them to unsuspecting children. They were caught off guard and so happy! – RAKon16 😘

This past week my auto mechanic stamped “paid in full” without taking a dime, treating me to a free oil change. Put an extra spring in my step! – Barbara 😻

I work with a very difficult student as a special education para. Another student with an equally difficult home life had a homemade brownie in his lunch (the smallest little thing you ever saw). He broke the tiny brownie in half and shared it with my student. He barely had anything for himself, yet shared what little he did. – Lisa 

I was very ill this past fall. A friend of mine found out and she lives very, very far away. One evening when I knew that I just didn’t have it in me to cook. The doorbell rang. It was the pizza delivery guy with pizzas for our family ordered and paid for by this awesome friend. Somehow she knew we would need extra kindness and help that day. – Sheila 💗

I did the great kindness challenge in my school. And we had a bad snow storm one of the days. So much snow! One of the 5th graders left his friends and went to school nurse who is a few houses down and plowed her out. – Sarah 😀

Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness? We’d love you to tell us what happen, how it made you feel and how it changed your outlook. Please post here.

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