His wife was in tears

ShagThe day of your passing, I was sitting in MedExpress waiting for my X-rays to be put on a disc before I went to work at Costco in Winchester.

There was an older couple sitting in the waiting area with me. The wife went to the check-in window and the staff gave her a hard time about checking her husband in. They needed her husband, who was disabled and using a walker to get around as he only had one leg, to come over and check-in himself. 

You could tell he was in a ton of pain watching him walk from one side of the room to the other. Then the wife explained she was unable to make the copayment until the following day. The staff took a moment to speak with another employee about the situation but they were unable to wait for payment. The couple then tried to use their debit card and it came back declined.

I got up from my chair and interrupted them and handed the staff member my debit card. I paid their copayment of $35. I felt good that the gentlemen was able to receive the help he needed. His wife was in tears and praised me for helping them. The husband thanked me multiple times and gave me a hug and said to me “your my angel”. – Ashley 

Recently, a Costco employee passed away in a terrible car accident. He was an amazingly kind and gentle man know as Shag. People are committing Random Acts of Kindness in his name.
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