Nuggets from McDonalds

When I dropped my son Joey back at his residency this evening, there was another boys father that was walking in the hallway. When Joey saw him, he shouted out his name and said, “I want chicken nuggets from McDonald’s!” The dad walked into Joey’s room, introduced himself to me, and told me that for a while now when he would drop off his son, he would also bring Joey nuggets from McDonald’s, so of course, Joey asked him for some! Lol. I had no idea that something like this was going on.

What was really sweet of him, was that he told me that he was starving on his way back to drop his son back and he ate the nuggets thinking that Joey was not back yet. When Joey kept insisting that he wanted nuggets from him, this Dad actually left the residency, went back to McDonald’s, and brought Joseph back some nuggets, and it was not even for his own son.

I couldn’t believe how he went out of his way for Joseph, but he told me that it’s only fair, because he has been doing it on a regular weekly basis for him. And you know Joey with his regular routine and schedule (Joey has Autism)! 

What an amazing guy! He not only made Joey’s night, but mine as well. – Annie

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