My heart smiled all the way home

The Effect You Have On Others

One hot summer day I was trimming my hedges, sweating, a mess. Along comes this car and stops in front of my driveway.

Feeling embarrassed about my appearance, I walked down to see what they wanted. It was a woman and her son was driving. She asked for directions to the Today Drug Rehab. She said she needed to visit her other son. I knew exactly where it was and gave them the correct directions. She looked at me with a hopeless frown. I asked her do you want me to repeat them? With a tired voice, she said they had been driving around for two hours and are not familiar with the area. I said OMG, it is ten minutes away. My heart sank, enough her son is in a rehab. I said to her, let me get my keys and you follow me over there.

The look of relief on her face was priceless. They followed, when there she walked over to my car with money in her palm to thank me, clearly not a rich lady, I said thank you is enough, held her hand shut and told her to return a kindness to someone else.

My heart smiled all the home. – Cathy

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