A hug for feet and soul

You Will Never Do Anything In This World Without Courage

I’m an addicted knitter and very active on Ravelry.com, a world-wide knitting community. During the last 5 years, I met people from all over the world online or in real life. There are thousands of groups for different interests. One of them is a group which swaps socks worldwide. That’s where I met Kathy from Boston, also an addicted knitter and always up for a challenging pattern and special yarns. We became friends and shared patterns. Kathy flew to Germany frequently staying for just stayed for a couple of days each time but we never managed to meet.

Two years ago she wrote to me she had cancer but was receiving good treatment. She was really positive and fought heroically until last year in August when she finally lost her battle. Her account on Ravelry was still active and showed some sock patterns she queued but never got to knit up. She also loved a particular German yarn called “Wollmeise”.

I decided to knit the three last patterns out of this yarn and give these socks to someone special who also lost a dear family member or friend last year on behalf of my friend Kathy, who was a very generous person.

Purple Socks E1489000269731 Aqua Socks E1489000292243

I found two recipients. One had lost her husband last year, also to cancer. The other lady lost her son for unknown reasons. I sent them the socks and some treats. Both thanked me and let me know this gesture from a stranger meant a lot to them and gave them the feeling there is something good out there to keep them going.

I hope every time they wear the socks they feel comforted and get positive energy from them.

The third pattern is still waiting to be knitted and to find their feet. I’m sure I’ll find a suitable recipient as there are far too many people out there who are in need of a little light in their soul. – Susanne 

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