Life is tough sometimes

Life Is Tough Sometimes

I was diagnosed with stage 4 Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in May 2004. My youngest child was four at the time. 10 months later, my dad died, and 30 hours after my dad passed away, my husband died. The doctors gave me very little hope of raising my son.

I researched cancer centers and someone from my church suggested a cancer center in Texas. I looked up the flight from Florida, (where I lived at the time) and after I bought the ticket, I had $5 left to my name. I said a prayer that The Lord would help me not leave my baby an orphan and that He would make sure I had enough to eat for the three days I was supposed to allow for my appointments. 

After I got there, my 3-day appointment turned into 3 weeks. Twice strangers approached me and handed me money, and said, “God wants me to give you this”. They both said those very same words. They didn’t know me or my story. I wasn’t holding a sign, and I don’t think I look starving or homeless. I just cried.

I never missed a meal, nor had to sleep on the streets. And now 11 years later, I am still battling cancer, but I know that I don’t need to worry, I am not alone, and there are people who do wonderful acts of kindness to help others.

I feel like the luckiest women in the world to be so blessed by these strangers. Yes, life is tough sometimes, but we help each other through the rough patches. – Sandee 

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