The greatest gift is time

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

When I was at school, there was a program in 9th, 10th and 11th grade in which the students had to do some social service. When I was going to do my service for the first time, I was very excited but also scared for all the new experiences I would pass through.

My friends and I prepared ourselves for weeks to do the best we could for the people who needed it. We prepared some songs, dances and many activities for the children, the women, former drug users and elderly people we were going to visit. But the most important thing we were sharing was our faith in God and the possibility of brand new life walking with Jesus. I can still remember that feeling. When you are talking to a person who’s life is very difficult, the only thing that I can imagine is how lucky I am for having a family and people that love me. To advise the people who need this word of breath, makes you feel renewed and happy because you know that you are giving the best from you heart for the others.

Thanks to the generosity of many other students we could donate some provisions to the organizations at which we were going, besides one that another gift to the children. But I can truly say that the food and the gifts were not the most important for these people. What they really appreciated were our company and words. So even if you don’t have a penny to give, there is something that’s worth much more that money: your time. – Filipe

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