$5 notes folded with a note attached saying Enjoy in memory of a mom who loved Christmas. The story is found on Ripple Kindness Project

Growing up with not much money and three kids, my mom always found a way to make Christmas special. And she always gave to others who had less. It was never talked about she just did it and I watched.

When she died in 2007 my enjoyment of Christmas left with her. I have always continued to give to others and the first year she wasn’t here I decided to take a few dollars and drop them in shopping carts in the toy section during the Christmas season. I now write a little note and put it with the money. Sometimes I leave them on shelves for children to find or just drop in a cart when people aren’t watching.

I’m a little behind this year so today was my first day out. I found it’s not as easy to do when there aren’t a lot of shoppers lol. I usually stay just out of site to watch expressions but today I would have seemed like a stalker had I done that. So I dropped them and kept walking.

I do feel like my mom is with me when I do this. I hope to continue this for many years. It isn’t a huge amount but maybe it’s enough to help buy one more toy. Giving always feels good and it was just what I needed today. – Kim

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