A pendant for my sister

Megan Dennis Pendant

My niece passed away on Match 13 in New South Wales. Her children were 7, 4, and 3 months when she passed. Her boyfriend who has no biological connection to the older two thought that he could keep all the children and not allow us any connection to them. We applied for custody and won. So my sister and I are now raising the children.

I saw this pendant in a catalogue and thought it was just perfect for a Mother’s Day gift for my sister. So I went to the jewellery store to buy it. I was going to buy a 2nd one so we both have one because this perfectly describes our home and our family.

The store only had one there so called the next closest store to try and get another one. First time they didn’t answer, so while waiting, the saleslady and I were talking and I explained to her what had happened and why I wanted two. The other saleslady comes over and grabs the pendant from the counter saying she just needed to borrow it for a moment.

She came back with it a few minutes later in a box and a receipt and tells me that the man that just left the store had heard what I had been saying and that he wanted to pay for the pendant for me! OMG people!! I bawled like a baby, ran after him and thanked him. What a beautiful thing for him to do!

So Luke, if you see this post. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! You are such a sweet, kind and beautiful man! I would love to meet you again and thank you properly. – Megan Dennis

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