Care for your fellow humans

On Facebook today, a friend was asking if someone could please take pyjamas into the hospital for her, a few replied unable to help and inquired as to her illness.

I was going to visit the town and it would only be a 5-minute drive away, so I arranged a time with her. Immediately one of her friends posted “isn’t that lovely of her” and this made me smile. To me, it’s such a small request but having spent time in hospital myself knew how glad you feel to have a change of nightwear. I called in dropped off the various choices and left.

I decided I’d have my evening meal in the cafe there so I’d be able to go back and surprise her with another visit. The patient next to her said she was just saying she’ll have no visitors!! I said you should know me better than that and we both laughed. – Anne Marie 😀

Today, I was late opening the store and a gentleman came to the drive thru and we did not answer him. He drove up to the window, but we were so busy with a complication that we were dealing with, that we did not answer him. Now, this poor man just wanted some breakfast and we had basically ignored him twice! Instead of getting angry and driving off, he came around to the door, got out of his truck and came inside to see if we were OK. He was concerned because he knew we should be there. – Cheryl ❤



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