10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 4
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 4

Teaching kids to have empathy helps them connect with others. It’s a skill they’ll use throughout their life that will enhance every relationship they have. This week’s challenge asks them to find out how someone is feeling and to really pay attention by listening intently and looking them in the eye. It will let someone important…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 3
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 3

Many children spend far too little time in the kitchen but learning to cook is something every child should learn at some point. This week’s act of kindness not only challenges them to create but also gives them valuable time connecting with someone in their family. Haven’t joined yet? Here’s how to participate Step 1…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 2
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 2

Most people in a household have daily or weekly chores of which others are often quite unaware of. They just seem to happen and no-one really notices. This act of kindness gets children to think about the tasks each person has and the impact it has on them and the family. The aim of doing a…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 1
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 1

Giving a compliment isn’t always something that comes naturally. Learning to do it helps kids to get outside of their own head to think about other people and their feelings. It helps them to reflect on positive attributes of people and makes the recipient of the compliment feel worthy, valued and loved. Writing compliments in a…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids

It’s been and continues to be a confronting time with COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter rallies. We’ve seen some appalling behavior but also some of the most beautiful acts of kindness as people come together to support one another. In light of this difficult time, it’s important that students are encouraged to participate in acts…

Free Mindfulness Meditation Activities & Apps For Kids With Anxiety
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Free Mindfulness Meditation Activities & Apps for Kids with Anxiety

During this worrying time of COVID-19 with isolation and distance learning, some children are feeling scared and may even experience some anxiety. Being in Melbourne, with a very strict lockdown, kids have been learning from home for many months. This has caused a lot of worry and confusion for one fifth grader I know. He…

5 Creative Distance Learning And Online Kindness Activities For Kids
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5 Creative Distance Learning and Online Kindness Activities for Kids

Teaching character traits online isn’t something we’re used to but there are many kindness activities for kids that can be used during distance learning sessions. Teachers all over the globe have had to come to terms with a new way of teaching since many had to work with their students online during COVID-19. The term distance…

Free Social-Emotional, Kindness And Mindfulness Distance Learning Resources
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Free social-emotional, kindness and mindfulness distance learning resources

SEL and mindfulness is essential for wellbeing As everyone comes to grips with the reality that is COVID-19, we find ourselves in situations we have never experienced before. These are trying times where people fear for their safety and that of their loved ones.As teachers and parents grapple with distance learning, they’re noticing the huge toll…

The Happiest Birthday Ever Book Review & Video Reading
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The Happiest Birthday Ever Book Review & Video Reading

Book Title: The Happiest Birthday Ever Author: Stephanie Berger For Ages: 4-8 Themes: kindness, generosity, love, empathy, compassion, understanding, giving, character, community, emotions Related learning areas: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), character education, emotional intelligence See the book HERE Continue Reading Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share

Best Kindness Bulletin Boards Ideas For Elementary And Middle Schools
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Best Kindness Bulletin Boards Ideas for Elementary and Middle Schools

Want to improve friendships and student behavior? These kindness bulletin board ideas will help you build a culture of respect and inclusion!Have you considered the power of positive affirmations to build self-esteem or kindness activities for classroom management? These inspiring DIY kindness bulletin boards will give you ideas for collaborative kindness activities to brighten your classroom or hall. They…

5 Free Kindness Posters For Students, Teachers, Kids And Parents
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5 Free Kindness Posters for Students, Teachers, Kids and Parents

Free Kindness Posters to Help You Encourage Positive Character Traits and Celebrate Kindness Day!If you enjoy the feel-good emotions produced when you are kind then perhaps you look forward to the official days that celebrate and encourage acts of kindness. Did you know there are 3 of them?Take a look at our free kindness posters…

30 Easy Acts Of Kindness To Teach Kids To Make The World Better
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30 Easy Acts of Kindness to Teach Kids to Make the World Better

Grab your free kindness activities and printables to encourage positive character traits.If you’re on this website there’s a fair chance that you already believe in the magical powers of kindness. The thing is that there’s really nothing all that miraculous about it and there’s scientific evidence to prove that and why it’s so darn good…