Dimes buy moments

Stretch Your Heart.
Seems like everyone is always in a hurry these days, I know I am. I was today, rushing to get out of the store to get home before the delivery man came. But, then I saw her… the little old lady that had given me an embarrassed smile in the check out ahead of me, thinking she was moving too slow? And there she was, at the edge of the curb, clutching her cane with one hand and her large bag in the other, stooping down to pick something up. I saw my maw maw, years ago, doing the same thing, just before she fell and broke her hip. So I rushed to her side, you know, just in case and, so she wouldn’t think I was out to do her harm, I told her how pretty her outfit was.

She slowly rose up, smiled and handed me the dime, she had picked up, and said, “here… you can’t buy much with it, but I want you to have it.” I just smiled and said, “oh, but it does! It just bought me this moment.” I noticed her eyes sparkled, just like my maw maw’s.

So pennies may buy thoughts, but dimes buy moments… at least one did for me. – Darlene 😀

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