His words were kind and thoughtful

Touch Another Human With My Heart.
On a flight home from Italy our 15 month old daughter wouldn’t stop screaming. I tried everything to comfort her but still it continued.

There were LOTS of people glaring and tutting at us because of the disturbance which only made me feel worse. The air stewards were very accommodating and allowed us to move to the empty seats at the front of the plane but still she kept screaming.

After 90 mins (and on the descent) she finally calmed down. We decided to wait until everyone was off the flight before we moved – we didn’t want to be even more of a nuisance! As people started shuffling off I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking up I saw a young man and his partner smiling at me and he simply said: ‘I thought you handled that really well.’. His words were so kind and thoughtful that I just burst into tears! I still think of that complete stranger very fondly. – Jo x

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