My fear of flying

I was terrified of flying having been on a plane years before that had skidded sideways down the runway on landing.

Well, I had to fly from GA to NY alone for medical care and I was terrified! I was sitting next to a gal I did not know and I know she could tell I was not doing well. This was way before I began meditating and as we were taxiing down the runway, she reached over and took my hand and just held it and began talking to distract me. I got through the flight up but was now freaking out about the landing. Next thing I know, she took my hand again and chatted about nonsense stuff until we landed. She was staying with a family friend and I was off to do my thing. On my return flight, who should happen to be on the same plane? The lady who had sat next to the lady who held my hand going up. She remembered me and made sure she kept me distracted on take off and landing too.

I have now gotten much better at flying, still don’t care for it, but also know I can get through it, thanks to two wonderful women I’ve never seen again. – Kim

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