Food Recipients Paying It Forward

Chewsday Bites is going great! Every week we are distributing over 600kg of food and have virtually nothing left within the hour. We have a number of volunteers who help out each week.

Two weeks ago a young couple with seven children excitedly shared with me how they passed on the kindness they’d received. The wife wrote a poem for her pharmacist who looks after her on a weekly basis. She took her a bunch of flowers and a kindness card too. The pharmacist was overwhelmed by the kindness and just so grateful. The couple also now bring in herbs from their garden to share.

Other locals who grow fruit and veggies are also starting contributing each week when they can. – Kate 🙂  

Chewsday Bite is a community food service provided by Kate at the Warburton community centre in partnership with SecondBite. Kate gives each person who receives food through the program a Ripple Kindness Card and asks them to pay the kindness forward! 😀


  1. Paula Jane says:

    I am interested in finding a local coffee house / restaurant here in Maine that can help out with this project. Please let me know how to start. Thanks 🙂 PJ

    1. RippleKindness says:

      Hi Paula
      I’m not sure if a program like this is running where you are. This one is in Australia, but I’m sure there are lots of individuals that a restaurant or grocery store could help in Maine. 😀

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