One time at Festival when I was 32 weeks pregnant with twins and craving so many things, I loaded my cart with candy, ice cream & cookies. 😁 I got behind someone using food stamps and their card was declining. I looked at their food and saw it was actual food (not like my junk food) that they were wanting to buy. Every card kept declining that she was trying.

I asked the cashier to please put my food away and let me pay for theirs. I didn’t have enough for mine and theirs. So, I just paid for theirs. They were so grateful.

What is a cool twist to this story is that it actually shorted me money wise and I was wondering how I was going to do it. A few days later, an anonymous cashier’s check from the post office came in the mail for $500. I found out it was a childhood friend of mine who lived in TX and she just wanted to bless me. It could not have happened at a better time! – Kati Fry

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