I like that stuff!

A few weeks after we launched Ripple Kindness Project’s Kindness Curriculum, I was approached by a year 5 boy who had been part of the audience at the special assembly held at his school.

This was a boy who was known to be a troublemaker, in fact, all the boys from that family had a reputation of being bullies.
This particular day, I was called into the sick bay where he was sitting all alone. I asked him if he was ill and he ignored my question.
“Lisa”, he said as he looked around to make sure no-one was looking, “are we going to do that stuff again?”
I asked him what stuff he was talking about, never imagining that he could have meant the assembly.
“You know, all that kindness stuff we did at assembly!” he said quietly whilst making sure no-one was in earshot.
I asked him why he wanted to know, thinking he was going to tell me how uncool it was, but to my surprise, the child that most people tried to stay away from replied, “I kinda liked it!”
I smiled and told him I was glad he did and that kindness is something he can apply to his own life in any situation.
After we chatted, I walked out of the room I felt quite overwhelmed that we’d touched this boy in a profound way and shown him another side of life that he desperately needed to see.
It just goes to show that every child or every person for that matter, needs and wants kindness in their life and if they’re not getting it at home, then it’s up to us to provide it at school. – Lis 
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