Listen, love and miracles happen

Quote - All You Have Shall Someday Be Given; Therefore Give Now, That The Season Of Giving May Be Yours And Not Your Inheritors.

I had an amazing set of incidences happen to me and I want to share them, not to brag, but to show that God is always watching over us and if we are in tune with Him (and even when we are not) things work out and opportunities to serve others are given to us if we want them.

I had just sold my house to move into a condominium to downsize and simplify my life. I had several thousand dollars profit. I knew in my head that I wanted to donate a portion of that money to some worthy cause, but didn’t know which one, since there are soooo many. I had set in my head that I wanted to donate $1000 because I felt so blessed and thankful for my new home that I wanted to pass some of it on to others.

I went to visit an older couple where I used to live. I happened to ask how the neighbor’s sister was doing. She told me LJ was on a mission trip in Kentucky. They were building a warehouse/class building for the Appalachian people to dispense new mattresses and clothes to the poor in the area and have a place for classes. I felt a tingle of interest. It seems that the people had had such a horrible infestation of bedbugs that their children were going to be taken away from them by the Department of Health because of the terrible situation these people were living in with the bedbugs and poverty.

I knew this was where I wanted to send a check to help. So my neighbor called her sister to get the information for me. Here is the amazing part. LJ was working in the main warehouse. LJ answered her cell phone and when I told her I wanted to help, she was amazed and extremely happy.

She said, “Just a minute. The man you need to talk to just came in the door.”

It turns out that the man who was building the branch distribution center for another group needing the mattresses, needed extra money due to some problems that delayed the building process. When I called, he was about to announce that there was not enough money to finish the project. They needed $1000 more to finish it! I didn’t find out about the urgency of this situation until a week or so later.

God had directed me to do this and I got goosebumps and tears thinking about how I had been used by God to help these people even though indirectly. I later received a thank you note from their director.

Listen and love, and miracles can happen! – AnonΒ  πŸ˜›Β 

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