His kindness is overwhelming

I became visually impaired as an adult and had to give up all the things I loved doing – especially competitive sport. Coincidentally, I was put in touch with a personal trainer whose specialty was Indoor Rowing. I did not even know that you could compete in something like that, but it was perfect as I do not need to be able to see for it.

He has been a saviour for me, encouraging me and pushing me out of my comfort zone and giving me some goals and focus again. He gave me part of my life back.

Recently, I have hit financial difficulty and have had to cancel PT sessions (among other things). He contacted me and has offered to keep up my training for free until I can get back on my feet. In exchange, I will help him run some events next year (which I would have done anyway!). This man’s kindness is just so overwhelming. – Anon 😀

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