The privilege of being his wife!

Service To Others.
My husband and I were walking into the grocery store one day. It was cold, snowy and the parking lot was so slushy you couldn’t push a cart from the store to your car.

We were about to enter the store and my husband started walking away from me. I turned to see where he was going and what I saw made me the proudest wife in the world!

He’d noticed an elderly woman struggling to get her cart of groceries to her car. He went over, pushed the cart for her, had her get in her car so she could get warm and loaded her groceries for her. She was so thankful! He told her he always helps a beautiful young lady wherever he has a chance. Her face just lit up like she had won the lottery!

All I could think was, I have the privilege of being his wife. – Gwen ❀

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