It’s the little things

Happiest People.
On a little family outing last weekend, we were at the train station and a fellow with special needs was asking people on the platform a question. Most ignored him or brushed him off. He sat next to us, so we chatted to him until we got off the train. He was friendly and harmless and there was no need to treat him otherwise. I was proud to see my son ask the man to sit next to him on the train and see it as no big deal.

On our walk home from the station we met a lady who was a little lost so we gave her directions.

I tell you, those two people were both special needs and the happiest, friendliest people. It felt good to help them and it felt great knowing I am being a positive role model for my kids. To be kind, always, no matter who we meet because it’s the little things that matter. – Amanda

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