A little unexpected moment

Today I spotted £10 on the ground in my local shopping centre. I was going to keep it but it didn’t feel quite right, it wasn’t mine after all. I asked the security guard if I should hand it in and he said they’d never prove who it belonged to so I should keep it.

I went straight to my favourite coffee shop, told the girls behind the till what happened and told them to put it in their tips jar. At first, they point blank refused but I insisted. The girl I gave it to was speechless with emotion and said “‘you’re just too nice, you are!” Then she wouldn’t let me pay for my coffee.

It wasn’t a huge amount, but it cheered up their morning and was a little unexpected moment. The looks on their faces made it well worth it.

I hope the poor person who dropped it can afford the loss. – Antonia 🙂

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